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Once upon a time there were three students named Dani, Deirdre, and Will who took out a combined total of $270,000 in loans to pursue their degrees.

Hang on - let’s make that $380,379 with interest.

The Story goes on


They each had multiple logins and portals to manage their loans, struggled to find seemingly simple information like their interest rates online, and would be placed on hold for eons to have a few questions answered. Needless to say, they saw an opportunity to shake things up.


While at Stanford they spoke with hundreds of students, parents, and grandparents who all felt the enormous, buckling pressure of student loans. Whether a single mom at Home Depot who took out loans to support her daughter’s education, or a computer scientist bound for Facebook, they said: “I have no idea how to manage my loans, and I wake up in a sweat thinking about them.”


Then they turned to businesses. CEOs and HR leaders alike would lament:

Turnover is my #1 problem.

We train and invest in our people, and then they leave after 12 months.

It costs me millions.


So why, the team thought, couldn’t employees and employers share in the upside of retention? Taking a portion of the turnover cost and offering it back to employees in the form of student debt repayment is a win-win for everyone. At its core, they realized this is an optimization problem. And so vesting student debt benefits was born.

Our mission

Is to lift employees out of student debt and create a clear path to
financial freedom.
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Deirdre Clute

Co-Founder & COO

Danielle Pensack

Co-Founder & COO

Will Schmitt

Director of Engineering