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Once upon a time there were three students named Dani, Deirdre, and Will who took out a combined total of $270,000 in loans to pursue their degrees.

Hang on - let’s make that $380,379 with interest.

The story goes on


Rightfoot initially partnered directly with employers to administer an employee student debt benefits program. But the repayment process proved highly challenging: they could not direct payments to the employees' highest interest loan, they had no way of confirming receipt of funds, and they relied on expensive banking partners.

Addressing a need

The Rightfoot team realized they were not the only company to face this challenge. Many companies were attempting to repay customers' student loans with checks. These checks were expensive, would often bounce, and were a "black box" to customers. Others relied on banking partners that would charge $10,000 a month simply to transfer funds on behalf of a customer. From there, they lacked an additional layer that specified where and how to send funds.


They listened to product leaders:

We need to keep customers within our user experience.

I want to help my clients take advantage of the $5,250 tax-free student debt benefit, and administer it all under our brand.


The team spent years building out direct relationships and integrations with loan servicers across the US. They then exposed their technology as APIs to power clients' backends. Rightfoot is not a consumer-facing solution, but rather an enabler. Outsource the headache of student loan repayment to us, and drive value from within your own user experience.

Our mission

Is to lift a generation out of student debt and create a clear path to
financial freedom.
Are you in?

Deirdre Clute

Co-Founder & COO

Danielle Pensack

Co-Founder & COO

Will Schmitt

Director of Engineering