Our story.

Rightfoot's founders Deirdre, Will, and Dani took out a combined total of $270,000 in loans to pursue their degrees.

Hang on - let’s make that $380,379 with interest.

Tackling a trillion dollar problem.


Rightfoot initially administered a student debt benefits program for employers. But the repayment process proved highly challenging: they could not direct payments to employees' highest interest loan, they could not automate repayments, and they needed expensive banking partners.

Addressing a need

They realized that many companies were simply mailing out checks to loan servicers, which is both expensive and operationally difficult to track. Others still relied on banking partners that charged $10,000 a month, and lacked a technical layer specifying where and how to send funds to loan servicers.


They listened to product leaders:

I'm hitting a student debt repayment wall.

How do the puzzle pieces fit together? We need data about users' student loans, a banking partner, and a way to credit loan accounts.


Rightfoot has built the industry's first student debt repayment APIs. We take care of the student loan data partnerships, banking partnerships, and student loan servicer partnerships you need to launch an automated, streamlined solution. We are the "pipes" that facilitate student debt repayment for your users, ensuring your team stays compliant and out of the flow of funds.

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Deirdre Clute

Co-Founder & COO

Danielle Pensack

Co-Founder & COO

Will Schmitt

Director of Engineering