Debt Repayment,
Loan Management,
Peace of Mind

Rightfoot gives employers an edge in the war for talent, while freeing employees from their number one financial burden.

… And that’s not all, folks!

Engaging Education Materials

Rightfoot brings you simple, easy to digest education.


You receive the real deal with our consultative service.


We support major HR systems to seamlessly onboard your team.

Intuitive Loan Management

We put all your loan data into one beautiful platform.


We design a program tailored to your business needs.


We handle payment, support, and loan management.

Get started in 3 easy steps

We offer a turnkey solution that you can turn on like a light.

1Validate Loans

Rightfoot validates employees' loans and allows employees to easily view their loan data.

2Vesting Student Debt

Employees are rewarded with employer student debt contributions as they stay.

3Happy Employees

Rightfoot sends employer contributions directly to employees' loan accounts.

We work, you chill

We handle everything so you can spend more time on the things that matter most… like your company. Or your kids. Or your margarita.

We’re here to make your employees happier, and your life easier.

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