Technology for the next generation

Student debt is Millennials'
#1 financial burden.  

Plug Rightfoot into your product

Human resources

Administer an in-house tax free student debt benefits program, all under your brand.


Turn your users' savings or cash back rewards into student debt repayment.

Financial wellness platforms

Expand your offering to allow users to visualize and pay off their biggest burden.


Turn your users' retail rewards into student debt repayment.

401k Providers

Add a complimentary offering of tax-free student debt repayment to your product.

Think bigger.

How will you turn your product into a student debt fighting machine? 

We're student debt experts so you don't have to be.

Get to market with Rightfoot in as little as one week.

1Validate loans

Rightfoot APIs securely validate users' student loans.

2End to end payments

Send money directly from your product to users' student debt.

3Happy users

Save users thousands in interest and win their loyalty for a lifetime.

For developers, by developers

Making payments to student loan providers is a nightmare. We make it simple so you can spend more time on the things you love. Like your company. Or your kids. Or your margarita.

What product will you create?