Add automated student debt repayment to your
product in a snap.

Help your customers find student debt zen.

Get to market with Rightfoot in as little as one week.

HR Benefits

Offer your clients a tax free student debt repayment program, all under your brand.


Turn your users' savings or cash back rewards into student debt repayment.

Financial wellness platforms

Allow users to manage and pay off their biggest financial burdens from within your site.


Turn your users' retail rewards into student debt repayment.

401k Providers

Add a complimentary tax-free student debt match for 401k, all under your brand.

Think bigger.

How will you engage your customers and drive value?

Integration is as easy as 1-2-3.

There are three simple steps to integrate Rightfoot into your product.

1Create beneficiary

Register customer and provide basic demographic data for payments.

2Connect accounts

Link loans through aggregator like Plaid and connect a funding source.

3Repay loans

We facilitate both individual payments and tax free contributions.

For developers, by developers.

Making payments to student loan servicers is complex. We make it easy so you can spend more time on the things you love. Like your kids. Or your margarita.

Lift your customers out of student debt.