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Making payments to debt is complex, as debt isn't a routable account like a bank account. We make it easy.

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Loans are difficult for third parties such as employers, benefits providers, refinancers, or financial institutions to pay, since they are not routable accounts like bank accounts.


Rightfoot invested years building complex integrations with loan servicers built on COBOL in the 1970s. Rightfoot’s sleek APIs enable developers to embed debt payments into your application in days.

Use cases

Breaking apart the debt crisis for millions of Americans

“Rightfoot’s modern debt payment infrastructure is opening the door for fintechs to play a prominent, more inclusive role in customers’ financial lives.”

Michael Vaughan, Former COO of Venmo
Michael Vaughan, Former COO of Venmo

"The integration with Rightfoot was easy and seamless"

“Without Rightfoot, it would have taken months to release. Plus, we would have had to coordinate with Business Admins, Sales, and the broader organization. That’s assuming we would have been able to successfully build internally, which I’m not convinced we would have been able to”

"With Rightfoot, any company can now build debt repayment solutions that empower their customers. With 80% of Americans burdened by consumer debt, product leaders and developers can become part of the solution with Rightfoot’s APIs"

Emily Chiu, Managing Principal of Cash App
Emily Chiu, Managing Principal of Cash App

“Rightfoot’s simple and clean APIs are the best way to add debt repayment to any product”

Louis Beryl, Founder of Earnest
Louis Beryl, Founder of Earnest

"Our platform wouldn’t be possible without Rightfoot"

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