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Making payments to student loans is complex, as they aren't routable accounts. We make it easy.


Student loans are notoriously difficult for third parties such as employers, benefits providers, refinancers, or fintech apps to pay on behalf of borrowers, since they are not routable accounts like bank accounts.


Rightfoot invested years building complex integrations with loan servicers built on COBOL in the 1970s. Rightfoot’s sleek APIs enable developers to embed debt payments into your application in a single sprint.

Use cases


We abstract the hairy debt repayment process, leaving you with modern APIs.

Flexible technology

We support any use case, whether it's tax-free employer contributions or payments from grandma.

Fast integration

On average it takes two weeks to integrate, but you can spin it up in as little as one day.

Data agnostic

Maintain ownership of your data. We've mapped out our API endpoints to major data aggregators.

Dedicated support

White-gloved support for our clients means direct access to our eng team with Slack groups.

Example code

Get more examples from our API Docs. API Docs

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