Lifting a generation out of student debt.

The easiest way to add student debt tracking and repayment to your business products.

"Rightfoot is the Stripe of Student debt Repayment."

- CEO, national HR benefits firm


Student loan crisis.
Drive value by adding repayment to consumer apps, or administering a tax-free benefit for employers.

Rightfoot's APIs

Streamline a messy repayment process.
We built the industry's first student debt repayment APIs, integrating directly with loan servicers.

your apps

Rightfoot offers plug and play technology that brings your users peace of mind.

Student loan verification

We validate customers' student loans across hundreds of student loan servicers, ensuring funds end up in the right place.

Student loan repayment

Rightfoot automatically transfers funds into your users' student loan accounts, sending funds exactly where they need to go.

No bank partner required

Rightfoot helps you stay out of the flow of funds, covering the entire repayment process from pulling ACH to pushing it to student loans.

Serve your clients and your community

The student debt burden falls disproportionately on minorities.


hold 2/3
of all student debt.


have 30%
more debt


hold 50%
more debt


"We've been using expensive checks to send funds to our users' student loans. Rightfoot is not only cheaper, but provides more transparency and accuracy. It's a no-brainer."
- Founder, retail rewards platform


I am a first generation college graduate with $50,000 in student loans. I don't need child care from my company, what I need is help paying off my student loans.
- Chris, Stanford Graduate, Engineer


The main reason I chose to work here is because of the student debt payments. It’s the biggest problem in my life. It means a lot that my company is supporting me.
- Catherine, University of Kentucky, Hotel Concierge