We lift employees out of student debt.

Rightfoot offers a risk free model to pay off your employees’ student loans.

Employer student debt repayment

That works for your budget.


of employees
Say if their employer paid down
their student loans they would stay
for 5 years


your retention superpower
Rightfoot vests student debt repayment over time like equity. Reward your employees as they stay

Get Started on the Right Foot

We help employees pay off student loans 15% faster.


Unlike most competitors, Rightfoot is not owned by a bank or refinancer. We give it to you straight, just like your sassy friend Susan. But unlike Susan, we help with your loans.


Think of us as your student loan spirit guide.
Have a question? Send a text to our real, live, coaches who like to breathe air and do other fun human things.

Risk free

We power company contributions that vest over time, so you only pay as employees stay. Tying loan repayment to tenure milestones is a win-win for your team and bottom line.

Rightfoot puts the belonging
in diversity and inclusion.


hold 2/3
of all student debt.


have 30%
more debt


hold 50%
more debt


Rightfoot's app is exactly what I need. I finally feel in control of my loans. It has all my information and makes my finances approachable.
- Sara, Masters from MIT, City Planner


I am a first generation college graduate with $50,000 in student loans. I don't need child care from my company, what I need is help paying off my student loans.
- Chris, Stanford Graduate, Engineer


The main reason I chose to work here is because of the student debt payments. It’s the biggest problem in my life. It means a lot that my company is supporting me.
- Catherine, University of Kentucky, Hotel Concierge