The infrastructure for repaying student debt.

Add Rightfoot's payment technology to your product, and lift your users out of student debt.

"Rightfoot is the Stripe of Student debt Repayment."

- CEO, national HR benefits firm

Goodbye, mailing checks

Hello, automated solution developers love.
We've built the first student debt repayment APIs, integrating directly with loan servicers.

Add student debt repayment

To your product in as little as one week.
Help users tackle their biggest financial burden from within your user experience.

Sleek APIs.

We automate and streamline payments across a fragmented market of servicers.

100% coverage

Your users may have public loans with Nelnet or FedLoan, or private loans with SoFi or Earnest. No matter the servicer, we've got you covered.

No bank partner required

Rightfoot helps you stay out of the flow of funds, covering the entire repayment process with automatic student debt ACH transfers.

Start coding in minutes

Our fully functioning sandbox is here to support your building phase. Start coding your customers' dream app in minutes.

Help customers smartly repay student loans from within your app.

     70% of graduates enter the workforce with student debt.
The student debt burden falls disproportionately on minorities.

API first

We integrate with systems built in the 1970s so you don't have to.


We enable repayments to users' highest interest loans, when applicable.


Sell to employers? Offer a new tax-free benefit under your brand.


"Before, we were using checks to send funds to our users' student loans.
Rightfoot is a no-brainer."
- Founder, retail rewards platform


"Rightfoot sped up our time to market by at least six months."
- Founder, consumer finance app


"We were hitting a 'student debt repayment wall.' We had no idea how all of the pieces fit together. Rightfoot swooped in and came to our rescue."
- CEO, employer benefits firm