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Who are we?

Rightfoot was founded to break apart the American debt crisis.

We're on a mission to empower thousands of developers, creators, and businesses to break apart the American debt crisis. Our modern APIs enable microtransactions that power borrowers to turn their debt mountains into manageable hills. Our founders all have student loans and understand what it's like to think, "how the heck will I ever pay this off?"

Rightfoot Cofounders:
Deirdre Clute, Will Schmitt, Danielle Pensack

We like hard problems.

We like hard problems. We care for each other and lead with empathy. We make decisions with data and measure results, not time spent. We believe inclusivity is about sharing ownership, not just a seat at the table. We believe a job can be more than just a way to make money.

Who are you?

Join our constantly growing and ambitious team
to build Righfoot together.


Hypothesize, take data in, and implement.


Driven by long term goals to solve big problems.


You support teammates of all different genders, races, ability, sexuality, or background.


You use creativity to solve problems.

Reluctant to accept or share feedback that can make the team stronger.

Looking for a repeatable, predictable work day.

Focused on personal success over team success.

Specialist, looking to stay in one area of expertise.

Perks and Benefits.

Large impact on a growing team
Competitive pay and stock options
Medical, dental and vision coverage
Paid parental leave
401k investment account
Flexible PTO and work schedule
A fun, quirky, and kind team
Student debt contributions

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